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I am an accredited Medium following 10 years of training at Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning, under the guidance of two renowned International Mediums and Spiritual Teachers, Ian and Pearl Rogers.


A Medium means a person who has been trained to receive accurate information from their guide and deliver the information directly to you. The information is received energetically and without the use of any tools. Whilst it is a skill that is brought forward from previous lives, it cannot be performed at its optimum without proper instruction and training.


In a reading, you may be looking for answers to your personal life, relationships, family and work. The information delivered can give you valuable insights into understanding yourself, your life and how to remove the blockages that hold you back. You will also have the opportunity to ask further questions on the information that has been passed on during the reading.


As an accredited Medium, I follow a professional standard of practice and all information shared with you is private and confidential.


Readings go for up to 1 hour and are a shared and memorable experience between the Medium and the client. Sessions are available for you in the clinic room, or via Zoom online, or Phone call.

Credit: Sphinx Spiritual

Reading Pricing

60 mins ~ $110 

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