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Spiritual Counselling can take you on a process of self-discovery and help you to better understand your behaviours and belief systems, bringing with it a greater sense of self-acceptance and meaning to your life.

What is Spiritual Counselling?

Spiritual Counselling is direct and honest and focused on establishing positive changes in your life.


During the counselling sessions you will be assisted to identify:

  • the real cause of your issue/s

  • where the issue/s began in your life

  • why the issue/s currently affects you

  • why the problems keep happening and how to change the patterns

  • your core values

  • making prompt decisions to resolve any issue/s that are in conflict with these values


What can a Spiritual Counsellor help me with?

Some of the emotional challenges I can help you with include but are not limited to:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • loss and grief

  • stress and loss of focus

  • emotional confusion

  • lack of confidence

  • life and workplace stress

  • relationship issues

With non-judgmental support, you can feel less alone and more empowered to explore the origin of your actions and reactions, finding the positive solutions needed to achieve your potential, with greater clarity and self-determination.

Credit: Sphinx Spiritual

Allow yourself to move ahead in life with a sense of purpose and excitement and experience true happiness and joy in your life.

Sessions are available in the clinic room, or via Zoom online, or Phone call.

Spiritual Counselling Pricing

60 mins ~ $110

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