“It is with pleasure that I forward my testimonial in relation to Tracey’s professional healing services. 

 My situation is slightly different from most, in that, I suffer from pain that is not only derived from current poor posture and work load strains, but also from a disease which is not heard of too much in today’s western societies.  I contracted Poliomyelitis (paralytic) when I was just 4 years old (in 1971) and at the time, I was hospitalized for a long period and my parents were told I would never walk again.  I am now 49 years old, (and happy to say, have not been in a wheel chair since I was 5 years old). 


However, over the past 10 years or so, am finding that I have constant pain in my legs and feet, which means little or no sleep during the night, due to the discomfort.  I work for myself and run a busy small business from home, which means many hours sitting at the computer.  This adds to the problem of course, with the lack of mobility during the day.


I came to see Tracey recently, after many trials and treatments with other practitioners over the years, and although some practitioners did help ease the pain for a day or two at times, Tracey’s approach has been the most successful and with the ongoing treatment I receive from her, am now able to sleep most nights without pain and restlessness.


I am happy to say, thanks to Tracey, I can finally stop searching for help, and that’s why I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone..…no matter what your condition may be.”


Leanne, Mt Martha, Victoria

“I have had a neck problem for years.  I've tried all types of treatments with Chiropractors, Physios and Osteopaths.  They have all told me I have a degenerative issue.  My girlfriend put me on to Tracey and I found her to be informative and professional.   She advised me of her treatment process and thought I would need three sessions.  After just one treatment my neck felt more relaxed and not as painful.  I followed up with two more treatments and haven't had an issue since.  Tracey has asked to contact her if my neck should start to feel tight to have a follow up.  To date I haven't needed to.

Thank you Tracey you are definitely in the right profession and I will be referring friends on to you.


Lynne, Mornington, Victoria

“I had an ongoing shoulder issue for nearly 12 months.  The pain was like a strong toothache deep under the shoulder blade and sharp pain at the front of the shoulder with certain movements.   I had tried various therapies to treat the problem but the pain would only go away for a few days and then return.  I was recommended to see Tracey and am so glad I did.  I had the best night sleep following the first treatment, a longer period without pain following the second treatment and by the third treatment the pain was gone.  I would highly recommend you see Tracey first for whatever body pain you are experiencing.”


Fiona, Mornington, Victoria

"It is so hard to find good massage therapists.  Tracey is as good as I have ever found… her Myotherapy skills are first rate and her massages are healing, relaxing and enjoyable.  She works intuitively and knows exactly what the body needs from visit to visit.  She also knows when to allow the client to rest and be quiet or talk when they need to talk, and when they do she knows how to support them emotionally.  I highly recommend her."


Neil, Clinical Psychologist, Victoria